Ken Thomas-Live Sound Engineering

Providing Event, Festival & Concert Sound, Lighting, Power Distribution.

Club Sound and Lighting System Leases.

Serving South Dakota, Arizona, Nevada, So. California!

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(Running Deer, San Bernardino Mountains with Incubus and Kottonmouth Kings)

JBL SR4732A, JBL SR4719A, JBL VRX932LA-1, JBL MR925

Monitors: JBL SRX712M, SR4706A, JBL SR4704A, JBL MR902

Electro-Voice DeltaMax DML-1152A with ATM AMFS Flyware, QRX-218s, SX200

EAW SB-600e

Peavey SP4XT

Speaker Processing: BSS FDS366T & FDS366 Omnidrive Compact Plus, FDS-336 Minidrive

Power Amps: QSC Powerlight PL6.0PFC, PL4.0, PL3.4, PLX3402

Crown MA5002vz, MA2400

Crest 7001, 4801    L'Acoustics LA24a

Microphones: South Dakota's Largest Inventory!

AKG C414B-ULS, C414B-TLII, C451E, C451EB, C535EB, C747Comb, D12E, D112, C214

Shure SM98 & Beta98, SM91 & Beta91, SM87A & Beta87A, SM86, SM81, SM58 & Beta58, SM57 & Beta57, Beta56

Shure Wireless ULXD4/H50 or G50, and ULXP4/J1, UR4S+ G1 Freq Group with Beta58 & Beta87A handhelds

& Beltpacks with 184, 185, 183 Lavaliers, WH30/185 Headset, or instrument cables.

Sennheiser MD421-II    Beyer M88

Nuemann U89i, TLM-103, KM-184, TLM-102

Earthworks M30, Smaart M30, and SIA-Smaart to tune systems.

Rapco/Horizon Audio Snakes

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